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Parker Denison Piston Pump Premier series

Parker Premier Pump

Parker Denison Piston Pump Premier series

Parker Denison High Pressure Industrial Piston Pump Premier Series Description

Parker Denison Premier Series Piston Pumps are engineered to perform in industries requiring variable flow, high pressure and high speed. With an unbeatable up to psi continuous pressure rating and flexible design, they ensure reliability.

Featuring superior design and simplified maintenance, the Premier Series delivers high-pressure variable piston pumps that improve performance. Low inlet velocity capability allows the pump to run faster than competitive models without the added expense of boosting the inlet, while enhanced piston design reduces the amount of trapped fluid volume to improve efficiency. Premier Series pumps are designed to operate in any position as extreme pressure.

Our supply is equal to your demand! Please feel free inquiry us if you have any need for Parker Denison pump Premier series, such as Parker Premier pump P080, P110, P140, P200, P260.

we also supply other hydraulic pumps, like as Parker pump PAVC, PVP, PVplus, PD, P1, P2, P3; Rexroth Pump A4VSO, A4VG, A10VSO, A7VK, A7VO, A11VLO, A2FO, PV7, gear pump; Eaton Vickers pump PVH, PVQ, PVM, VMQ, PVSX; MOOG piston pump RKP-II, which is named MOOG D950 series as D951, D952, D953, D954, D955, D956, D957. the old type code is Bosch piston pump 0514 series.

Parker Denison High Pressure Industrial Piston Pump Premier Series

Performance Characteristics

Pressure Rating (Psi): 6000

Pressure Rating (Bar): 414

Displacement (Cu In/Rev): 4.9-16.0

Displacement (Cc/Rev): 80.3-262.2

Speed Range (Rpm): 2100-3200

Pump Type: Axial Piston

Weight (Lbs): 156-325

Weight (Kg): 71-147

Parker Denison Technical Characteristics:

- Continuous pressure rating up to 6,000 psi

- Intermittent pressure rating up to 7,250 psi

- Five frame sizes (80 cc, 110 cc, 140 cc, 200 cc, 260 cc) , such as Parker Denison Premier P080, P110, P140, P200, P260.

- Maximum speed of 2,550 rpm

Parker Denison High Pressure Industrial Piston Pump Premier Series Features/Benefits

- Superior Performance

- Highest pressure rating on the market (for comparable pumps)

- High-pressure shaft seal to enable higher case pressure without external leakage

- Fast compensator response that minimizes pressure overshoot

- Design and Flexibility

- -Full power thru drive

- Wide variety of control options

- Mounting flange in both SAE and ISO

- Seals available in buna nitrile, Viton® and EPR

- Compatible with non-water-based fluids ranging in viscosity

- Increased Durability

- Precision barrel bearing to absorb radial forces for long operation

- Heavy-duty shaft bearing to absorb side and thrust loads

Parker Denison High Pressure Industrial Piston Pump Premier Series


- Aerospace

- Energy

- Industrial

- Mining

- Oil & Gas

- Processing


- Presses

- Construction

- Machinery

- Injection molding

- Wood

- Aircraft

- Drilling

- Mining

- Steel

- Cranes

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