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Parker Denison Pumps Gold Cup series

Denison Pumps Gold Cup

Parker Denison Pumps Gold Cup series

Parker Denison Hydrostatic Piston Pumps & Motors Gold Cup Series Description

Parker Denison GOLD CUP Pumps and Motors ensure long-lasting performance in severe-duty applications. With a robust and flexible design, they provide operating pressures up to 6,000 psi and speeds up to 3,600 rpm.

Rugged and efficient, The GOLDCUP series boosts productivity with hydrostatic piston pumps and motors that deliver exceptional performance in the most severe applications. Featuring a robust barrel bearing design and hydraulically controlled rocker cam, GOLD CUP pumps and motors provide proven durability and reliable pressure control.A closed circuit design makes Parker GOLD CUP series pumps and motors ideal for bi-directional function and eliminates energy losses associated with circuit valving. Parker Denison GOLD CUP's high power-to-weight ratio, compact package, and flexibility in control options and mounting locations offer significant value-added benefits. These include lower operating costs, ease of installation, and improved longevity for reduced downtime.

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Parker Denison Goldcup pump P6 is 98 ml/rev, 420 bar, like as P6P, P6R, P6S, P6V;

Parker Denison Goldcup pump P7 is 119 ml/rev, 420 bar, like as P7P, P7R, P7S, P7V;

Parker Denison Goldcup pump P8 is 131 ml/rev, 350 bar, like as P8P, P8R, P8S, P8V;

Parker Denison Goldcup pump P11 is 180 ml/rev, 420 bar, like as P11P, P11R, P11L, P11S, P11V;

Parker Denison Goldcup pump P14 is 229 ml/rev, 420 bar, like as P14P, P14R, P14L, P14S, P14V,

Parker Denison Goldcup pump P24 is 403 ml/rev, 420 bar, like as P24P, P24R, P24S, P24L;

Parker Denison Goldcup pump P30 is 501 ml/rev, 420 bar, like as P30P, P30R, P30S, P30L.

Parker Denison Goldcup motors M6 is 98 ml/rev, 420 bar and 1.57Nm/bar, type like as M6F/G, M6H/V;

Parker Denison Goldcup motors M7 is 118 ml/rev, 420 bar and 1.89Nm/bar, type like as M7F/G, M7H/V;

Parker Denison Goldcup motors M11 is 180 ml/rev, 420 bar and 2.87Nm/bar, type like as M11F/G, M11H/V;

Parker Denison Goldcup motors M14 is 229 ml/rev, 420 bar and 3.62Nm/bar, type like as M14F/G, M14H/V;

Parker Denison Goldcup motors M24 is 403 ml/rev, 345 bar and 6.23Nm/bar, type like as M24F/G, M24H/V;

Parker Denison Goldcup motors M30 is 501 ml/rev, 345 bar and 7.97Nm/bar, type like as M30F/G, M30H/V.

Parker Denison Hydrostatic Piston Pumps & Motors Gold Cup Series Technical Characteristics

- Maximum operating pressure of 420 bar (6,000 psi)

- Maximum speed of 3,600 rpm

- Temperature range of -40 to 203ºF (-40 to 95ºC)  

 - Sizes from 6-30 cipr (100-500 cc), for Parker Denison Gold cup pump types as like P6P, P6R, P6S, P6V, P7P, P7R, P7S, P7V, P8P, P8R, P8S, P8V, P11P, P11R, P11L, P11S, P11V, P14P, P14R, P14L, P14S, P14V, P24P, P24R, P24S, P24L, P30P, P30R, P30S, P30L. for Parker Denison Gold cup motors’ type as like M6F/G, M6H/V, M7F/G, M7H/V, M11F/G, M11H/V, M14F/G, M14H/V, M24F/G, M24H/V, M30F/G, M30H/V.


Parker Denison Pumps & Motors Gold Cup Series Performance Characteristics

Body Material: Cast Iron

Case Drain Option: Yes

Charge Pump Option: Yes

Circuit Type: Open | Closed

Configuration: Single / Tandem / Multiple

Control Method: Relief | Presure Limiter | Load Sense | Electronic Control | Unloading |Proportional

Energy Recovery Capable: Yes

Filtration Option: Yes

Fluid Type: Standard Hydraulic Fluid / Phosphate Ester / Water Glycol

Maximum Displacement (Cm3/Rev): 501.5

Maximum Displacement (In3/Rev): 30.6

Maximum Flow (Gpm): 238

Maximum Flow (Lpm): 901

Maximum Fluid Temperature (c): 95

Maximum Fluid Temperature (f): 203

Minimum Fluid Temperature (c): -40

Minimum Fluid Temperature (f): -40

Maximum Noise Level (Dba): Na

Maximum Operating Pressure (Bar): 350

Maximum Operating Pressure (Psi): 5000

Maximum Radial Shaft Load (Kg): n/a

Maximum Radial Shaft Load (Lbs): n/a

Maximum Speed (Rpm): 3000

Maximum Viscosity (Sus): 7500

Minimum Viscosity (Sus): 60

Maximum Weight (Kg): 375

Maximum Weight (Lbs): 835

Media: Hydraulic

Mounting Option: Sae

Port Connection: Sae

Port Connection Type: Flange | Straight Threaded

Porting Location: Side Ports | Rear Ports | Opposing Ports

Pump Technology: Piston / Hydrostatic

Pump Type: Variable / Fixed

Rotation: Clockwise | Counter Clockwise

Sensor Type: Na

Shaft Type: Sae

Thru-Drive Capability: Yes


Parker Denison Hydrostatic Piston Pumps & Motors Gold Cup Series Features/Benefits

- Increased Efficiency 

- High-speed operation with reduced power

 - Auto-regulated control pressure based on system demand 

- Efficient built-in replenish ring-style check valves 

- Improved Reliability and Lifespan

- Lifetime hydro-mechanical controls

- Robust barrel-bearing design

- Stable system flow with low resistance cam design 

- Proven Productivity

- Visual displacement indicator and simple diagnostic capabilities for rapid commissioning

- Efficient and robust control logic

 - No need for cross port reliefs 

- Design Flexibility

- Controls that mount on either side

- Simplified plumbing with built-on hot oil shuttle

- Compact package with integrated auxiliary pumps

- Capability for individual remote pressure compensators

- Ease of Use 

- Quick-change valve block

- Modular controls- Replacement shaft sleeve

Parker Denison Hydrostatic Piston Pumps & Motors For Open And Closed Circuits-Gold Cup Series


- Mining

- Oil & Gas- Marine

- Energy

- Government

- Industrial

- Factory Automation

- Other Natural Resources

- Rubber and Tire Processing

- Lumber & Wood- Rail


- Mining

- Drilling

- Construction

- Material handling

- Logging

- Land & sea

- Military

- Shredding/reducing

- Gas turbine

- Cranes & winches

- Water jet cutting

- Energy recovery 

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