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Parker Axial Piston Fixed Motors F12 Series

Parker Motor F12, Parker Pump F12, Parker F12

Parker Axial Piston Fixed Motors F12 Series

Parker Axial Piston Fixed Motors Large Frame F12 Series

Parker F12 hydraulic motor series, which is made in Sweden, has operating pressures up to 480 bar (7,000 psi) and speeds up to 7.300 rpm. The F12 motor is a robust design motor. Sizes from 30-250cc.

The high efficient Parker bent axis design motors, with unique spherical piston concept gives thermal shock resistance. The motors are rated up to 480bar pressure levels, and speeds up to 7300rpm. The well proven gear synchronization and double tapered bearing concept gives a very robust and reliable motor in demanding applications, applicable for both open and closed loop systems. Combined with our well proven track record of durable motors, we have an outstanding uptime.

Parker Series F12 is the high performance bent-axis, reliable & efficient, fixed displacement, heavy-duty motor/pump. It can be used in numerous applications in both open and closed loop circuits, where high efficiency, high drive speeds, high pressure and indirect drives are desired. The F12 series is available in sizes 30, 40, 60, 80, 90, 110, 125, 152, 162, 182 and 250 cc. Maximum intermittent pressure up to 480bar(g) and continuous operating pressure up to 420bar(g). Parker F12 will provide high output flows in a very compact package.

Parker F12 motors can be used at unusually high shaft speeds Operating pressures up to 480 bar provides for the high output power capability. The 40°angle between shaft and cylinder barrel allows for a very compact, lightweight motor and pump.•The laminated piston ring provides low internal leakage and thermal shock resistance. Pump versions have highly engineered valve plates for increased self-priming speed and low noise.•The F12 series have very few moving parts, making them very reliable motors/pumps.

Application: Saw drives, feller bunchers, skidders, forwarder, cranes, mowers, cutters, aircraft test stands, deck cranes, constant tension winches, hatch covers, nitrogen pumpers, frac trucks, coil tubing, skid steer, off-highway trucks, fan drives, and dust collectors.

Luxor MD provide Parker F12 pump/motor in shorten delivery time! Parker F12 pumps/motors are equal to Rexroth pumps A2FO and motors A2FM. They can be replacement by each others in function. More details, please feel free inquiry TECH B.V.! We are respond soon for your any demand for Parker piston pump, proportional valve, servo valve, piston motor, gear pump.

F12-060-RS-SV-T-000-000-0, F12-110-LS-SV-T-000-000-0, F12-110-RF-IV-K-000-000-0, F12-080-MF-IV-K-000-000-0

Parker Axial Piston Fixed Motors F12 Series Tech Specifications/Performance


Body Material: Cast Iron

Case Drain Option: Yes

Charge Pump Option: No

Circuit Type: Open

Configuration: Single

Control Method: No

Energy Recovery Capable: Yes

Filtration Option: No

Fluid Type: Standard Hydraulic Fluid

Maximum Displacement (Cm3/Rev): 242 (Cm3/Rev)

Maximum Displacement (In3/Rev): 14.76

Maximum Flow (Gpm): 95.83

Maximum Flow (Lpm): 363 Lpm

Maximum Fluid Temperature (c): 115 Degrees

Maximum Fluid Temperature (f): 239

Minimum Fluid Temperature (c): - 40 Degrees

Minimum Fluid Temperature (f): -40

Maximum Noise Level (Dba): 88 Dba

Maximum Operating Pressure (Bar): 480 Bar

Maximum Operating Pressure (Psi): 6960

Maximum Radial Shaft Load (Kg): 1900 Kg

Maximum Radial Shaft Load (Lbs): 4180

Maximum Speed (Rpm): 3150 Rpm

Maximum Viscosity (Sus): 1000 Cst /4664 Sus

Minimum Viscosity (Sus): 8 Cst/ 37.3 Sus

Maximum Weight (Kg): 77 Kg

Maximum Weight (Lbs): 169.4

Media: Hydraulic

Mounting Option: Sae | Iso | Cetop | Cartridge

Port Connection: Sae | Iso | Bspp

Port Connection Type: Flange

Porting Location: Side Ports | Rear Ports | Opposing Ports | Configurable

Pump Technology: Piston

Pump Type: Fixed

Rotation: Clockwise | Counter Clockwise | Bi-Rotational

Sensor Type: Speed | Rotation

Shaft Type: Sae | Iso |

Thru-Drive Capability: No

Parker Axial Piston Fixed Motors F12 Series Features/Benefits

- Displacement from 30-250 cc – support various applications.

- Gear synchronization – robust and reliable

- High overall efficiency – reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption.

- Low noise level – meeting industry noise emissions.

- Low weight – reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption.

- Laminated piston rings –- low internal leakage, high overall efficiency

- High speed capability – suitable for a variety of applications

- Operating pressures up to 480 bar

- Shaft end and mounting flange meet ISO, SAE and Cartridge standards.

- Small installation dimensions – fits wide range of applications.

- Tolerates low and high temperature shocks –- suitable for the most demanding environments.

Parker Axial Piston Fixed Motors Large Frame F12 Series


- Industrial

- Energy

- Government (Non Aerospace)


- Mobile

- Natural Resources

- Transportation (Non Aerospace)


- Agriculture Machinery

- Construction Equipment

- Forestry Equipment

- Material Handling Equipment

- Turf Equipment

- Vocational & Municipal Equipment

- Other Mobile

- Mining

- Oil & Gas

- Power Generation

- Defense

- Marine (Non-Military)

- Air Conditioning

- Heating

- Machine Tools

- Aerial

- Rail

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