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Parker Axial Piston Variable Motors V14 Series

Parker V14, Parker Motor V14

Parker Axial Piston Variable Motors V14 Series

Parker Axial Piston Variable Motors V14 Series Description

Parker’s renowned V14 motor series is impressively engineered and intended for both open and closed circuits transmissions with focus on high performance machines, and it is a new generation of variable displacement, bent-axis motor that expands on the well-known V12 motor. Parker V14 motor is a further development of V12 motor. The hydraulic motor V14 has an operating pressures up to 480 bar (7,000 psi) and speeds up to 6.500 rpm. Sizes from 110-160cc. The compact envelope size makes for a clean and cost-effective installation.Additional benefits of the Parker V14 series are improved speed capability and control performance, reduced number of parts and stronger shaft bearing support.

Rigorous product testing and continuous product development help to ensure our hydraulic pumps operate at optimum efficiency and can perform in the most demanding environments. Parker V14 motor is made in Sweden

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Parker Axial Piston Variable Motors V14 Series Performance Characteristics

Displacement (Cu In/Rev): 6.7 - 9.8

Maximum Operating Pressure (Bar): 420 - 480

Maximum Operating Pressure (Psi): 6100 - 7000

Speed Range (Rpm): 50 - 6500

Maximum Flow Rate: 375 - 550

Weight: 175 - 255

Shaft Type: 262 - 335 Kw

Sensor Type: 54 - 68

Control Method: 119 - 150

Parker Axial Piston Variable Motors V14 Series Features/Benefits

- Displacement 110 cc and 160 cc

- High operating speeds thanks to low weight pistons

- Wide displacement ration (5:1)

- Broad range of controls for most applications

- ISO, SAE and Cartridge versions

- High overall efficiency throughout the entire displacement range

- The 9-piston design provides high start-up torque and smooth operation

- Small envelop size and a high power-to-weight ratio

- Low noise levels due to a very compact and sturdy design with smooth fluid passages

- Long service life and proven reliability

- Stability- Optimal smooth response under testing conditions.

- Wide Temperature Range - Reliable performance from -40 to +115 ºC.

- Excellent Economy - Reduced losses for lower operational costs.

- Maximum Efficiency - Throughout the entire displacement range.

- Safety - Superior bearings & minimal moving parts to reduce failure rate.

- Precision Engineering - Unique nine-piston design for flexibility and low noise.

Parker Axial Piston Variable Motors V14 Series


- Mobile

- Natural Resources

- Government


- Construction Equipment, as Excavators, Wheel loaders

- Mining, as Mining and drilling machines

- Oil & Gas

- Defense

- Marine and Offshore Cranes

- Forestry machines

- Winch drives

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