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Rexroth Proportional Valve 4WRZE

Rexroth Origin, New Valves, Made in Germany

Rexroth Proportional Valve 4WRZE

Rexroth Proportional Valve 4WRZE Description

Rexroth valve 4WRZE is used in hydraulic systems for the following industries or equipment: metallurgy, oil fields, power plants, cement plants, mining machinery, steel works, ships, construction machinery, petrochemicals, marine engineering, paper mills, wood processing machinery, rubber processing and manufacturing, Cold machines, thin oil stations, vertical mill hydraulic systems, road rollers, bulldozers, cranes, loaders, concrete pump trucks, excavators, machine tools, injection molding machines, blow molding machines, presses, drilling machines...

Pilot-operated proportional directional valve type Rexroth 4WRZE… and 5WRZ.52…

Rexroth valves 4WRZ... are pilot-operated 4-directional valves that are actuated by means of proportional solenoids. Their function is to control the flow direction and size.

Rexroth valves 5WRZ... are equipped with an additional port "R" (only NG52).


The valve basically consists of:Pilot control valve (9) with proportional solenoids (5 and 6);Main valve (10) with main control spool (11) and centering spring (12)


With de-energized solenoids (5, 6), the main control spool (11) is held in the central position by means of the centering spring (12)

The main control spool (11) is controlled by the pilot control valve (9); the main control spool is proportionally moved, e.g. by actuating solenoid "b" (6)

- The control spool (2) is moved to the right, pilot oil enters the pressure chamber (13) via the pilot control valve (9) and deflects the main control spool (11) proportionally to the electric input signal.

--Connection from P to A and B to T via orifice-type cross-sections with progressive flow characteristics.

Pilot oil supply to the pilot control valve internally via port P or externally via port X.

Switching off the solenoid (6)

- The control spool (2) and main control spool (11) are moved back into the central position

Depending on the switching position, flow occurs from P to A and B to T or P to B and A to T (R)

An optional manual override (14 and 15) can be used to move the control spool (2) without solenoid energization.

Notice: Accidental activation of the manual override may lead to uncontrolled machine movements!

Notice: Due to the design principle, internal leakage which may increase over the life cycle is inherent to the valve 4WRZE.

Technique B.V., a nice resource for hydraulic components as Rexroth, Parker, MOOG, Vickers,Hawe, Schneider KREUZNACH, and Heidenhain, Sick etc. We supply new and original Rexroth proportional valves 4WRZE, such as 4WRZE 10, 4WRZE 16, 4WRZE 25, 4WRZE 32, 4WRZE 52...., and 4WRZ and 4WRH valves series.

Rexroth 4WRZE Features

-Pilot-operated, 2-stage proportional directional valves with integrated electronics (OBE).

-Control of the direction and magnitude of a flow.

-Operation by means of proportional solenoids with central thread and detachable coil.

-For subplate mounting: Porting pattern according to ISO 4401.

-Optional auxiliary operating device.

-Spring-centered control spool.

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