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Rexroth Axial Piston Fixed Pump A2FO

Rexroth Piston Pump A2FO

Rexroth Axial Piston Fixed Pump A2FO

Rexroth Axial Piston Fixed Pump A2FO Description

Axial piston fixed pump A2FO series 6x

- All-purpose high pressure pump in open circuit.

- Size 5…1000, like as A2FO 5/61R, A2FO 10/61R, A2FO 12/61R, A2FO 16/61R, A2FO 23/61R, A2FO 28/61R, A2FO 32/61R, A2FO 45/61R, A2FO 56/61R, A2FO 63/61R, A2FO 80/61R, A2FO 90/61R, A2FO 107/61R, A2FO 125/61R, A2FO 160/61R, A2FO 180/61R, A2FO 200/63R, A2FO 250/61R, A2FO 355/61R, A2FO 560/61R, A2FLO 710/61R, A2FLO 1000/61R, A2FLO 250/61R, A2FLO 355/61R, A2FLO 560/61R.

- Nominal pressure up to 400 bar

- Maximum pressure up 450 bar

Axial piston fixed pump A2FO series 70

- Compact high-pressure pump with short installation length in open circuit.

- Size 45...90, like as A2FOM045/70, A2FOM056/70, A2FOM063/70, A2FOM080/70, A2FOM090/70.

- Nominal pressure 400 bar

- Maximum pressure 450 bar

Rexroth A2FO’s flow, efficiency, performance: Flow is proportional to drive speed and displacement.For axial piston units with bent-axis design, the Pistons are arranged diagonally with respect to the drive shaft. The pump covers the whole displacement range 5 to 130 cm3/rev. The pump has been developed with modern styling and design to satisfy market demand as to designed new generation plate and pistons with give high flow performance, high pressures with high efficiency and very small dimensions.

the advantage of Bent Axis: 40 degree bent axis design giving high power, small overall dimensions, optimum efficiency and economic design.Flange and shaft designed for direct mounting on truck gearbox PTO's. The fixed displacement bent axis pumps generates a hydraulic fluid flow.It is designed for use in metallurgical hydraulic system, trucks,engineering machinery vehicle such as concrete mixer, commercial vehicles and all stationary hydraulic applications. Rexroth A2FO is a fixed pump with rotary group in bent-axis design open circuits.

Please feel free inquiry us for the Rexroth A2FO pumps. TECHNIQUE B.V. will be respond soon for your inquiry. Soem of them are stock. A2FO5, A2FO10, A2FO12, A2FO16, A2FO23, A2FO28, A2FO32, A2FO45, A2FO56, A2FO80, A2FO90, A2FO107, A2FO125, A2FO160, A2FO180, A2FO200, A2FO250, A2FO355, A2FO560, A2FLO710, A2FLO1000, A2FLO250, A2FLO355, A2FLO560, A2FOM045, A2FOM056, A2FOM063, A2FOM080, A2FOM090.

Rexroth A2FO Technical Data

1) These values are valid at:

- an absolute pressure of pabs = 1 bar at suction port S

- for the optimum viscosity range from vopt = 36 to 16 mm2/s

- with hydraulic fluid based on mineral oils

2) Maximum speed (limiting speed) with increased inlet pressure pabs at suction port S, see the following diagram.

3) Torque without radial force, with radial force see table "Permissible radial and axial forces of the drive shafts"

Rexroth A2FO Series Axial Piston Pump Features

- Axial piston pump with inclined axis design is suitable for hydraulic drive in open circuit;

- The crankshaft design is more suitable for mobile or fixed applications;

- Flow and transmission speed and displacement are proportional;

- Special drive shaft bearing design provides reliable service life for specific application fields;

- High power;

- Compact design;

- Overall high efficiency;

- A wide range of pressure

- Robust pump with long service life

- Very high total efficiency

- High power density

- Large variety of available nominal sizes allows exact adjustment to the application

- Bent-axis design

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