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Rexroth Metering Pump A7VK

Rexroth Metering Pump A7VK

Rexroth Metering Pump A7VK

Rexroth Metering Pump A7VK Description

- Axial piston variable pump, A7VKO is open design, A7VKG is closed design.

- Size 12 … 107, such as A7VKO012, A7VKO028, A7VKO055, A7VKO107, A7VKG012, A7VKG028, A7VKG055, A7VKG107.

- Nominal pressure 250 bar

- Maximum pressure 315 bar

Metering pumps, also known as metering pumps or proportional pumps, are a type of process that can meet a variety of stringent process requirements. The flow rate can be adjusted steplessly within a range of 0-100% to transport liquids, especially corrosive liquids. Special volumetric pump. The metering pump is a reciprocating positive displacement pump, used for accurate metering. It usually requires the stability of the metering pump to be no more than ±1%. With the continuous development of the modern industry towards automatic operation and long-distance automatic control, the metering pump has strong compatibility and adaptability to a wide range of media as liquid. The pump A7VK is designed for pumping polyurethane components in open and closed design.

In recent years, with the development of the foaming machine industry, more stringent requirements have been put forward for the performance of foaming machine pumps. In order to meet the new requirements of market development, the new generation of Rexroth A7VK metering pumps includes 12 and 28 displacement specifications. The pump adopts manual control mode. When the handwheel is rotated, the threaded rod is also rotated and the variable swash plate of the pump is adjusted steplessly, so the displacement changes in the range of small Vgmin to Vgmax. The precision adjustment display is built into the handwheel. The A7VK's curved housing design makes the structure more compact and reduces costs. The pump enhances corrosion resistance through the special surface treatment of the housing; two-way shaft seals and flushing chambers made of special materials identify hazards and protect the environment; the pump adopts a closed pump design with the same size of the high pressure port and the low pressure port, making The separation of the feed chamber and the housing allows the pump to be used in applications with a high viscosity of 5000-7000 mm2/s and a high inlet pressure of 1-30 bar. When there are special requirements for polyurethane products and high-viscosity media must be used for compounding, A7VK is an excellent choice and can solve the problem of high-viscosity and accurate ingredients that have been plaguing customers for a long time. Due to the special optimization of the structure, the A7VK emits heat quickly, which is conducive to controlling the temperature rise and ensuring the stability of the viscosity, thereby ensuring the high accuracy of the ingredient ratio. The Rexroth A7VK is an alternative to A2VK, which uses the same mounting flange and driveshaft as the A2VK, thus improving the replacement. This new metering pump has been recognized by mainstream customers in the industry. It is believed that with the promotion and use of A7VK with higher cost performance, Rexroth can better meet the requirements of more users in the foaming machine industry.

Rexroth metering pump A7VK replacement for Rexroth A2VK pump, you will get the competitive price from TECHNIQUE B.V., who is service to the world for hydraulic components. welcome visit our website and inquiry us! Rexroth metering pump A7VK series as A7VKG012, A7VKG028, A7VKG055, A7VKG107, A7VKO012, A7VKO028, A7VKO055, A7VKO107.

Rexroth Metering Pump A7VK for Polyurethane Components Features

- The pump has excellent performance, in which the diaphragm metering pump does not leak, high safety performance, accurate measurement and delivery, flow can be adjusted from zero to a large range of fixed values, pressure can be arbitrarily selected from the normal pressure to the allowable range.

- The adjustment is intuitive and clear, the work is stable, no noise, small size, light weight, easy maintenance, and can be used in parallel.

- The pump has many varieties, full performance, suitable for conveying -30 to 450 degrees, viscosity is 0-800mm/s, high discharge pressure can reach 64Mpa, flow range is 0.1-20000L/h, measurement accuracy is within ±1%.

- According to the process requirements, the pump can be manually adjusted and frequency-adjusted to regulate the flow. It can also realize remote control and computer automatic control.

- Mounting flange, drive shaft and functions identical to A2VK, thus easy to replace

- Reduced dimensions and mass in comparison to A2VK

- Improved volumetric efficiency through robust unit in well-tried axial tapered piston technology

- Manual adjustment with precision gauge and clamping device to prevent unintended adjustment

- Double shaft sealing of special compound and flushing chamber

- In closed design (A7VKG) or open design (A7VKO) available

- Increased corrosion protection through special surface treatment

- Optional with mounted high-pressure relief valve

- Low noise

- Bent-axis design

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