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Rexroth Valve DBDS

Rexroth Valve DBDS

Rexroth Valve DBDS

Product description

Pressure relief valves of type DBD are direct operated seat valves. They are used for limiting a system pressure.

The valves basically consist of sleeve (1), spring (2), poppet with damping piston (3) (pressure rating 25 bar … 400 bar) or ball (4) (pressure rating 630 bar) and adjustment type (5). The system pressure can be set steplessly via the adjustment type (5). The spring (2) pushes the poppet (3) or the ball (4) onto the seat. Channel P is connected to the system. The pressure existing in the system acts on the poppet surface (or the ball). If the pressure in channel P exceeds the value set at the spring (2), the poppet (3) or the ball (4) opens against the spring (2). Now, hydraulic fluid from channel P flows into channel T. The stroke of the poppet (3) is limited by the embossing (6).

In order to achieve good pressure adjustment over the entire pressure range, the entire pressure range has been divided into 7 pressure ratings. One pressure rating corresponds to a certain spring for a maximum operating pressure that can be set by means of that spring.

Type DBDS..K1X/…

Version pressure rating 25 … 400 bar (poppet seat valve)

Type DBDH 10 K1X/…

Version pressure rating 630 bar (ball seat valve, only NG10)


- The adjustment type (5) is constructed so that it cannot be lost. Due to the gimbal-mounting, the adjustment element remains loose (movable) in the adjustment type (5) in case of complete unloading.

- Pressure rating “25”: If despite completely unloaded adjustment type, the minimum pressure does not settle, the adjustment element has to be “pulled back” to the stop due to the low spring and/or restoring force.

For pressure adjustment / increase, the adjustment element can then be screwed in again.

Technical data

For applications outside these parameters, please consult us!



As screw-in cartridge valve (cartridge)

For threaded connection

For subplate mounting

Adjustment type for pressure adjustment, optionally:

‒ Sleeve with hexagon and protective cap

‒ Rotary knob

‒ Hand wheel

‒ Lockable rotary knob

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