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Parker Proportional Valve D*1FC Series

Parker Proportional Valve, Parker D41FC, D31FC, D91FC, D111FC

Parker Proportional Valve D*1FC Series

Parker Proportional Directional Control Valve Series D*1FC Description

Parker D*1FC series pilot operated proportional directional valves come in 4 sizes:

D31FC NG10 (CETOP 5)

D41FC NG16 (CETOP 7)

D91FC NG25 (CETOP 8)

D111FC NG32 (CETOP 10)


Parker proportional valves series D*1FC is characterized by a high-precision position feedback system for improved process accuracy and and simple parametrization . The D*1FC series is equipped with a modern, high-definition position feedback system. The parameters of the valve electronics can be accessed where required via the free, user-friendly ProPxD software. The integrated diagnostics function also makes optimal configuration easier.


The digital onboard electronics is situated in a robust metal housing, which allows usage under rough environmental conditions. The nominal values are factory set. The cable connection to a serial RS-232 interface is available as an accessory. The innovative integrated regenerative function into the A-line (optional) allows energy saving circuits for differential cylinders.


Parker D*1FC valve is a replacement for Parker proportional valve D*1FH. Most of them are used on Slag Catching Machine for molten iron, Clinker Cooler of cement mills, Auto Plant, Steel Mill etc, like as D31FHE02C1NB00, D31FHE01C4NB00, D31FHE01A4NB00, D31FHB63A5NB00, D41FHB31C1NE00, D41FHB31E1NE00, D41FHB31F1NE00, D41FHE01C1NE00, D41FHE01E1NE00, D41FHE01F1NE00, D41FHE01C4NE00, D41FHB31C4NE00, D46FHE52F4NB00, D81FHE01E2NB00, D81FHB31H4NB00, D91FHE01H2NB00, D91FHE85H2NB00, D96FHE01H4NB00, D111FHE01H1NB00. But, from now, all the Parker D41FH are updated to Parker valve D41FC.

we are know the hydraulic, especially the Parker hydraulic proportional valves, servo valves, piston pumps, Denison Goldcup pumps and motors. Please feel free contact us if you demand Parker valves D31FC, D41FC, D91FC, D111FC. We will respond soon for your needs!



Parker Pilot Operated Proportional Directional Control Valve D*1FC Series



MOUNTING STYLE: Subplate mounting


ACTUATION: Proportional solenoid

WEIGHT (KG): 9.0 - 68.5, depending on size

SERIES TYPE: Proportional DC valve

Parker Pilot Operated Proportional Directional Control Valve D*1FC Series Features

- High-quality mechanical design - pilot valve is based on the tried and tested D1FB control valve with spool/sleeve design and guarantees pilot control with high precision

- Progressive flow characteristics - allows sensitive adjustment of flow rate

- Low hysteresis - ensures high repeatability and thus improved process and product accuracy

- High dynamics - suitable for demanding open loop applications

- High flow capacity - optimum efficiency in relation to valve size

- Parametrizable via Parker ProPxD soft - quick and easy adjustment of parameters

- Excellent price-performance ratio - fast return of investment

- Short delivery time - no storage necessary

- Centre position monitoring optional

- A-regeneration optional - for new energy saving circuits with differential cylinders

- Switchable hybrid version optional - can switch between regenerative mode and standard mode at any time

- Version with EtherCAT® interface, 2x M12x1 connector 4-Pin (EtherCAT® In and EtherCAT® Out)

Parker Pilot Operated Proportional Directional Control Valve D*1FC Series


- Industrial

- Power generation

- Machine tools

- Rubber & tire processing


- General presses

- Tire presses

- Machine tool

- Injection molding

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